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This singer/songwriter is on her way to the top, so she needed a website that not only reflected her professional work ethic but also the soulful charm of her songs.

A Closer Look

Like a lot of folks who manage a one-woman band, Katie was on a fixed budget, but she still wanted (and deserved) a site that would be easy for a musician on the go to update, showed her sparkling personality, and set her apart from the crowd.

We knew immediately Katie would be a great fit for our Route 81 product. Route 81 allows our in-house staff to create a custom design and build you a full-featured site. We built Katie's using WordPress then trained her how to keep it current.

Katie was thrilled. She especially loved how our process took care to keep her informed every step of the way through design and development, and since launch has been able to update the site content to suit whatever she needs.