caritas 350

Go9Media revitalized the Caritas of Austin site with a focus on their mission and a goal of increasing online donations.

A Closer Look

Caritas's message of hope and mission of help had become lost in an overgrown, disorganized, unappealing website.

Working closely with organization staff, Go9Media designed a visually compelling, easy to use website that clearly demonstrates the work of Caritas of Austin, providing an emotional connection with the user.

Carol Thomas, Director of Development for Caritas, writes: "Before we utilized the professional services of Go9Media, our on-line donations were fewer than $45K. Less than 5 years later, our on-line donations have almost tripled to over $114K. Go9Media dramatically improved and revamped our entire website, making it much more accessible and user-friendly for our constituents."

In 2012 - for the second time in a row - Caritas turned to Go9Media for a new site.  Desiring a more modern look and the ability to make site updates on their own, they asked us for help.  We provided a clean design that made their mission the focus, and built their new site on the powerful open source CMS, Joomla.