Our Style

Yes, you can go through the Web design and development process without anxiety, confusion or doubt. We help our clients do it every day.

Our design and development process incorporates the highest levels of personal attention, respect and partnership. After all, everybody has something to contribute to the process of innovation, and every idea is worth exploring regardless of who came up with it.

Collaboration and cooperation. It's simply how we do business.

 Our Process

process thumbHere's a snapshot of our comprehensive design and development process. It's how we get to know you. And how we deliver what you need.


Every Project is Different

While Go9Media has an established web design and development process, we understand that every project—and every client—is different, requiring that we maintain a flexible approach. Since it’s impossible to know in advance what sort of complexities we may encounter on your project, here are two illustrations of how we’ve varied our project approach in the past to meet project and client needs:

HomeAway.com Inc.: US Brands

Project: Digital Agency of Record

Situation: When HomeAway.com Inc. selected Go9Media as their Digital Agency of Record their US marketing teams were struggling to balance dozens of simultaneous projects.

Solution: Go9Media developed and implemented a simple, Excel spreadsheet based project management system for HomeAway. The system allowed HomeAway’s US marketing teams, working in tandem with Go9Media, to meet multiple deadlines including campaign ideation, copywriting, creative development, and coding, spread across various brands and many vendors. Using this system, Go9Media and HomeAway completed over four dozen Web projects – from marketing e-mails to conception and execution of new campaigns – within the first 90 days of working together.

Takeaway: When there are many moving parts to a project there must be an easily understood and managed system for keeping track; HomeAway was so happy with the results using this system they began requiring that their other US vendors use it too.

University of Texas at Austin: Cockrell School of Engineering

Project: Web redevelopment

Situation:The Cockrell School of Engineering (CSE) dean required that his internal project managers be highly conversant with all aspects of the redevelopment process in order to confidently report progress up the chain of command inside their organization.

Solution: Go9Media developed a project “Bible” outlining every step of the project in advance which was then updated with detailed reports upon completion of each step. Reports included inline definitions of key terminology in lay-person’s language. Go9Media project managers met in face-to-face with CSE project managers to go over every report in detail and prepare them for meetings with the dean.

Takeaway: Each client has a unique level of experience and expertise with the ins and outs of the Web redevelopment process. Go9Media will work with you to discover where you are most comfortable and then develop a communication process that works best for your needs.