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Facebook Page or List Building: What to Do First?

Facebook page? Or list building? I get it. You want to know where you’ll get the biggest bang for your buck. And what you’re seeing online is — let’s face it — more confusing than helpful. Around every corner, there’s yet another online marketing guru who wants you to buy a program or sign up for a webinar about the thing you MUST do to achieve success! And all you really want is to make a positive step forward with the tiny amount of time and energy you have to spend on this. Does it really have to be rocket science? Nope. No rocket scientists needed. Especially when it comes to Facebook pages and email list building. Anyone can do it. But which one should I do first, you ask? My thought is, let’s do them both at the same time. What’s that old saying… yeah, that one. Let’s kill two birds with one stone. (WTH kinda saying is that, anyway??)

One piece of content. Two ways to use it.

What I like to do is to create one piece of content–like this very blog post you’re reading right now–and use it across as many of my online channels as possible. So that’s what I’m going to recommend that you do. Write one post, create some bonus content for that post that will entice your readers to add themselves to your list and then link that post to your Facebook page and promote the linked post. I learned this formula from the amazing Amy Porterfield and I’ve used it with my clients. It works like a charm. Amy’s point of view (and I agree) is that Facebook is great for identifying and nurturing new leads, but it’s after you get them on your email list that you can convert those leads into paying customers. So it’s a natural to scoop up Facebook followers via this kind of post-plus-bonus-content plan. I’ve recently created a downloadable PDF containing all the steps you need to follow to do this yourself.

And, sure, I do want you to sign up to get the step-by-step guide — because that’s how I get YOU on MY email list. But I’m also the guy who wants to give you all the goodies right here in this post. So read on… but when you’re done, go ahead and download the guide. That way, you’ll always have that at hand and you won’t have to come back to this post the next time you want to follow the formula!

Step 1: The Post & The Giveaway:

Create a post and giveaway content to go along with it. These need to be useful, actionable information that solves a problem for your fans/followers/clients/potential clients. Get that post up on your website.

Step 2: Get the Giveaway Set Up for List Building

You’ll need to add the giveaway to the post using a system such as LeadPages that will connect with your email list provider. This is so that anytime anyone comes to your post, they will have the opportunity to get your great value-added giveaway. In exchange for their email information. This is a key principle behind list building. And the more of these posts with bonus content that you can provide, the more likely any visitor is to ultimately add themselves to your list. If you need help implementing these systems — or with coming up with post and giveaway ideas — drop me a line.

Step 3: Link Your Post to Your Facebook Page

This same post that you’ve created with the giveaway can serve as a way to help you get more likes on your Facebook page. That’s because when you do a Facebook “link post” — meaning, you put the URL of your blog post into a status update on your Facebook page — it’s the type of post that Facebook loves the most. That means it’s the type of post that will be shown to a higher percentage of your page’s followers than any other type of post. AND when those people share your post, there will be a “Like This Page” button embedded into it automatically. Of course, you can also choose to boost your link post on Facebook to extend its reach and potentially get more page likes.

And… that’s it! That’s the formula. Keep providing those action-oriented, problem solver posts and bonus content and setting them up for both list building and Facebook page likes. But before you go, download the step-by-step guide so that you’ll always have this information available!
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